At Quelines, we understand that managing a virtual queue for your business should be as easy and customizable as possible. Our SaaS solution has been designed with user experience in mind. Here's a comprehensive look into the settings that you can adjust:


Customer Data Customization

Your queue isn't just a line; it's an opportunity to know your customers better. At QueLines, we understand that the right information about your customers can play a pivotal role in offering them a tailored experience. With our SaaS platform, not only can you capture essential customer data, but you can also customize this feature based on your unique business needs.

Styling, Branding, and User Management

Customize your virtual queue's look with theme colors, add your logo, and choose to hide QueLines branding for a tailored experience. Meanwhile, effortlessly manage user roles, ensuring everyone from business owners to support staff is clearly identified and organized.

Business Customization & Twillo integration

QueLines empowers businesses with Twilio integration for global SMS communication, ensuring real-time connections for every waitlist. Personalize your platform's look, link to your custom privacy policy, and manage essential business details with ease. Plus, with our feedback system, you're always in tune with customer insights.


Elevate your customer management game

Ready to transform the way you manage queues? Dive into QueLines and discover a world of efficiency, organization, and real-time updates. Begin your journey with our free trial and witness firsthand the future of queue management!

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© 2023 Quelines all rights reserved

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