How to setup Business account?

Our simplified user experiance can help to start with few steps

What Steps Do I Need to Complete?

Start by click to try now to get started . Click into the signup link to proceed into filling your business information. After conferming the signup , proceed to signin page to enter the platform .

Here, quelines will prompt you to enter your profile details and your company logo in order to present your brand. Next Step , click on the sore section from the left menu to start your first location/Branch/Store , fill all the details aboout you location information; name , address , language , opening hours , Store Capacity Size ( the customer limit to enter you location), and finaly the estimate time for queing your clients ( this can be always be changed based on the traffic at your store)

Congrats! your first location is saved and atomaticly got a generated link / Qr-coode to be shared to your clients to get the waitlist process starting .

Settings Feature

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can fully customize your data collection details about your customers by clicking on setting/waitlist/contactInfo . you can also edit and access your public and checkin links that can be integrated to your website or to be shared to your customers . Why not style your checkin/public pages by the colors of your brand !! easily click on styling page to brand your logo to your QRcode and choose the colors that fits your brand.

Do you have employes, mangers, reseptionests and support to help you mange you waitlist ?

click on user page to add them by each roll and location. You can fill all your business information and more for easy access and not only that we care about your company privicy information , we add a privicy section to protect your self and your customers . Company always need feedback to grow thier business effetiently , why not take your customers opnion by giving them the option to like your added feedback and check if they agree with it, by the total likes they provides at the end of each serving.

Now your ready to manage your clients , by activiating the line and leting your customer reseerve thier spot virtualy " be a part with socail destanceing regulation" . Each sport reservation done by cusstomers, a notfication will be sent to you to easly mange the surving. You have to 3 options at the bottom of you dashboard to chose a check in , skip or cancel .

3 way Chat feature to help you supporting your clients

The client can contact you by live chat or use the live lobby chat to see current asked questions and feedback. We strongly exited to be the first system that provide a live support/feedback . Imagine how much money you save from sending SMS text to for 2 ways communication support

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