Rethink the line with QueLines Virtual queue management solution

Our online application gives your business control over customer wait times.

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A lobby or waiting room full of people is a sign of a booming business, however a long line could also dissuade customers. What if you could bring all potential clients together, connecting them conveniently online? Make a chaotic situation a pleasant task for your business and your customers.

The QueLines queuing web application gives your customers the freedom to wait anywhere. Stay updated in real time, and offer your company the power to organize it all with perfect precision and harmony.

How Quelines support COVID-19 safety

Limit the amount of people in your establishment and reduce the spread of COVID-19 by using our contact-free queing

Manage your schedules and wait times more efficiently

Why let your customers wait in line when they can QueLine?

Keep your customers safe by allowing them to engage in social distancing. Limit the amount of people in your establishment and reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Manage and improve business efficiency by organizing your online waitlist through a simple dashboard.
Easily navigate QueLines’ intuitive UI.
Check the status of customer queues anytime and anywhere.
See customer turnaround time, identify peak traffic hours.
Effectively quantify your marketing campaigns success.
Oversee an executive view on performance by business location.
Ability to design effective marketing campaigns based on foot traffic to sales customer retention and acquiring new customers
Control when your customers enter the building by giving them a wait time they can trust.
Send customers an automatic SMS and email reminder when the customer is ready to be served.
Stay connected and keep them informed in real time with QueLine chat features.
Optimize and gain insight into your customer’s experience and store operations.

Customizable Branding

Select flag colors for the user interface “Customers Facing”.
Upload your company logo for a personalized look that matches your brand and retain your brand loyalty.

Flexible Schedule Management

Change appointments anytime and reduce no shows.
Customers can let you know when they are running late or can’t make it at all.
Offer earlier or later wait times to benefit your customer flow.


With Quelines chat, you can support you customer directly on the spot .

I joined as a beta user and i was amazed of the solution they are providing .

My business had so many many clients that hated waiting in line , after using quelines we stoped losing cliets by waitlisting them virtually