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12 Feb 2021

A lobby or waiting room full of people is a sign of a booming business, but what if you could bring those people together, connecting them conveniently online? Make an exhausting chore a pleasant task.

The QueLines queuing web application gives your customers the freedom to wait anywhere. Stay updated in real-time, and offer your company the power to organize it all with perfect precision and harmony.

Why let your customers wait in line when they can QueLine

  • Keep your customers safe by allowing them to engage in social distancing. Limit the amount of people in your establishment and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  • Easily navigate QueLines’ intuitive UI.

  • Manage and improve business efficiency by organizing your online waitlist through a simple dashboard.

  • Check the status of customer queues anytime and anywhere.

  • See customer turnaround time, identify peak traffic hours.

  • Effectively quantify your marketing campaigns success.

  • Oversee an executive view on performance by business location.

  • Ability to design effective marketing campaigns based on foot traffic to sales customer retention and acquiring new customers 

  • Control when your customers enter the building by giving them a wait time they can trust.

  • Send customers an automatic SMS and email reminder when the customer is ready to be served.

  • Stay connected and keep them informed in real time with QueLine chat features.

  • Optimize and gain insight into your customer’s experience and store operations.

Features List

  • Mobile friendly! 

  • Compatible with ALL operating systems

  • Manage one… Or hundreds of locations!

  • Choose what data you collect during registration

  • Customizable wait times

  • Styling options to brand the user experience

  • 3 Way Chat

    • Business to customer

    • Customer open lobby

    • Live customer service

  • Track customer visits for data analysis

  • Customer feedback

  • Private cloud deployment method

  • Secure data protection

  • Download your data to analyze it


Elevate your customer management game

Ready to transform the way you manage queues? Dive into QueLines and discover a world of efficiency, organization, and real-time updates. Begin your journey with our free trial and witness firsthand the future of queue management!

© 2023 Quelines all rights reserved

© 2023 Quelines

© 2023 Quelines all rights reserved